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General Education Development (GED)

Did you know that GED prep is free?!?!  Right!!! There are currently no fees involved with earning your GED Diploma. 


Require transportation? Bus passes may be available to you through The ReEntry Expert, Inc. at no additional charge.  Please make sure you add this into your email.    

Please feel free to click the email button here ---->          to contact us for information and/or assistance with applying for or obtaining your GED.


If you would like to contact GTCC on your own the information is listed below.   


(336) 334-4822 + extension
High Point: H3 #124, ext. 55043
Greensboro: Adult Education Center, ext. 53107

The General Education Development (GED) Program is a self-paced, flexible program that prepares adults 18 years and older who want to earn a high school equivalency diploma. The GED diploma is the legal equivalent of a traditional high school diploma and serves the same purpose in meeting most college admissions and job requirements. GED classes are held on the High Point and Greensboro campuses, as well as in many other locations throughout the community.

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